Five Wedding Dress Trends

Five Wedding Dress Trends of 2013


You’re getting married and have started the search for the dress. No other article of clothing will be as important as your wedding dress. Therefore it is no surprise that you want to be fashionable on your wedding day. We know what you’re thinking. You don’t want to be a fashion victim so why follow trends? Well, the good news is that 2013’s trends are still classic, but with a bit of pop that will keep you looking amazing whenever you look back at your wedding pictures.

Old Hollywood Glamour

They just don’t make movie stars like they used to which is why the bridal industry looked back to the screen sirens of the past for fashion inspiration. Harlow, the Hepburns and of course Garbo calls for lush and light-as-air fabrics. Look for dresses that skim every curve without appearing tight and allows the bride to be a star.



This isn’t peplum’s first time at the rodeo. Another trend which became famous in the 40s came back into focus recently and has been in the spotlight ever since. Peplums create a classic silhouette without going over the top and brides have been loving it ever since. Elegant, sophisticated yet unfussy, we think this trend will be around for a long time.



For the longest time brides shied away from lace because they wanted to look more like a bride and less like a doily. That isn’t a problem anymore, because today’s lace is light, airy and can’t be mistaken for a tablecloth. We love this year’s lace because no other fabric is more romantic and worthy of brides everywhere.


Illusion Necklines

Illusion necklines make us go gaga. They can add a bit of modesty to a dress or enable a designer to go all out with embellishment. This element owes its prominence to the sheer materials seen on several recent red carpet appearances. In fact, one of the front runners for best dresses of 2013 is a red number with sheer panels worn by Rihanna. Trust us when we say you’re in good company when you choose an illusion neckline.


Rose Hues

No other moniker has translated to the bridal industry quite like this year’s trend. These subtly-hued wedding dresses have ascended to popularity because the color is universally flattering. This is why brides have been gravitating from the other trendy colors to rose. Since colors are still one of 2013s trends and this color tops them all, you will definitely be the blushing bride of the year.


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Five Wedding Dress Trends

Genesis Kitchen – Whitefish Montana

Flathead Valley Commercial Photographer Wayne Murphy

Commercial Photography – Genesis Kitchen Whitefish Montana

~ Artisan Olive Oil | Balsamic Vinegars ~

While photographing for Flathead Living Magazine I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting David Cohen and staff at the newly opened Genesis Kitchen where they offer “the freshest extra virgin olive oils and perfectly aged balsamic vinegars.”  The bright and airy storefront on Lupfer Avenue is designed to offer customers a hands-on mixing and tasting room where they can stop in to mix and match premium olive oils and vinegar to create their own personal flavor to taste!  Their prices are impressively affordable ranging from $10 to $28 depending on the size of your creation and the tasting room is open Tuesday – Friday from 10-6 and Saturdays from 10-5.  If your reading this and not from the Flathead Valley area your in luck because Genesis Kitchen will mail your order right to you, just visit their website at  and while your at it why not like them on Facebook and help spread the word!  Genesis Kitchen Facebook

Genesis Kitchen, LLC
140 Lupfer Avenue
Whitefish, Montana 59937
Phone ~ 406-730-1449

Genesis Kitchen – Whitefish Montana

Noble Dance – A Quiet Season

Montana Dance Ballet Photographer Wayne Murphy JMK PhotographyIt was early December and I was sitting in the parent area of the Noble Dance Kalispell Studio and I was helping Jeffrey with his homework while Kaitlyn was playing and Megan was in her ballet class with Ms. Carol.  The company dancers were in the big studio with Natalie and then I heard the music that they were rehearsing to… it stopped me right there.  Everything I was doing came to a screeching halt and I had to know who this was.  I sent a text to Natalie that I knew she wouldn’t get until after she was finished with her class asking her.  You know how it is right?  You hear a song and it just sucks you in.  It brings back a memory or it creates an emotion.  When I heard “Film Credits” by Olafur Arnalds that first time I could smell the tall pine trees, I could taste the below zero air entering my lungs, I could hear the sound of Lake Superior slamming against the ice on the shore and I could feel the cold snow breaking beneath my boots while walking along the north shore of Minnesota.  Film Credits instantly transported me to one of my favorite places on the earth.

For Noble Dance instructor, Natalie Molter, hearing “Film Credits” complimented and catapulted a creation that was already stirring inside of her…

When I first thought of choreographing a contemporary ballet to highlight my dancers, I knew right off the bat that it was going to be in stark contrast to “Clara’s Dream,” which is absolutely colorful, fun, very upbeat and almost bouncy.  I had the general thought of “winter” in my brain.  I was thinking simple, plot less, ethereal.   While I was mulling this over for a couple of days last August, a former student sent me a song by Olafur Arnalds, which I listened to for 10 seconds, literally 10 seconds, and immediately knew I had to choreograph to it.  She had never sent me music before and hasn’t since- serendipity!  It was completely out of the blue.  When I went to purchase it, I saw the vast amount music he had created and knew I had hit on the through line for my ballet.  All music would be composed by Olafur Arnalds.  It was a bit melancholy but had enough range that I thought it would work for the winter thought.

When I go about choreographing a ballet like this, I seek a common thread. Like the idea of winter. What does winter mean? Is it slow and cold? Is it tea a warm blanket and a fireplace? Is it loneliness, Isolation, or perhaps death? So I get all these ideas floating around in my head and I let them fester.  Then my process becomes very unclear and I make a CD of about 15 songs that interest me.  I listen to it while I am driving everywhere.  I get to know the songs and decide which ones to toss aside and which ones to really begin to study.  The songs I choose grab me and pull me in. If you see me crying at a stoplight, don’t roll your window down, it is all part of the process!  I see movement when I listen to music, so I begin choreographing while driving around town, writing little 8 count phrases on the back of random envelopes and bank receipts.  I start to see specific people dancing to certain pieces of music.  Sometimes, if I have a specific rehearsal coming up, I will listen to the cd with those people in mind looking for an innocent sound when working with less experienced dancers, or looking for a lighter sound when just working with two dancers.  Certain songs will stand out when approached with different “ears.”  Sometimes when I hear a piece of music I can see right away which dancer will be dancing to it and the specific steps they will be doing.

As I watched A Quiet Season performed for the first time I was shocked!  When I saw the complete work on stage with lights, the song and costumes I drove away from tech rehearsal thinking that I made a huge mistake putting it before intermission.  I felt like it should have closed the show, a spot reserved for the best piece.  I was really kicking myself but I had only seen it in the studio, where I picked and corrected and stressed about the little details, the lines, and the musicality and on and on….  I knew the dancers looked great, but during that first show the dancers became mature, artistic performers.  They were present, committed and fully IN the piece.  They moved me as I watched them from Stage Left.  They were beautiful and breathtaking.  I was so proud of them and all the trust they have put into me to allow me to guide them into this beautiful experience where they took the reins and made something spectacular!

Noble Dance School – Kalispell Montana

“Film Credits” is the third installment in Ólafur Arnalds’ “Living Room Songs” and is a new variation of a theme from his score to the film Another Happy Day.

Noble Dance – A Quiet Season

McGough Jewelry Whitefish

jmk-photography-2459_stompMcGough & Co. Jewelry Whitefish – “The Customer is King!”

I had the great pleasure of doing some photography work for McGough Jewelry in Whitefish Montana as part of some advertising in a local magazine and ended up with some great photographs of our model Andrea.   I came in after hours and I set up a quick folding background with classic beauty lighting, turned up the music and we had a blast photographing right there in their Central Avenue storefront!  If your looking for an engagement ring, wedding band or just some amazing and beautiful jewelry give them a call at 406-862-9199 or take a look at their website

~ Thank you Sam, Donna, Stacey and Andrea.  I had a blast!

Grab the McGough photo session on their custom mobile app!

McGough & Co owner , jeweler Sam McGough, has a jewelry emporium in Whitefish that must be seen to be believed. He’s got a gem of an enterprise and a gem of a story.

Twenty-one miles from Whitefish, out in the country, this life up here fits me just fine. I love Montana.

“We sold our Arizona business, retired in 1985 and moved to Whitefish,” he continues. “It took us about a year to get everything settled and then I went gold mining for a year, then went to Mexico and then worked on the house here for two years. Then I got bored, so I started Tomahawk Trading Company in 1989 (which we have recently re-branded McGough & Co). I bought the building that we’re in now in 1990 and three years ago opened Mountain Gems up on Big Mountain.

“We have the largest and widest selection of jewelry in Montana,” Sam states, “and I give people the best price they’ll ever see on jewelry. I buy from the largest stone dealers and cutters in the world and I sell all jewelry 30% to 50% below retail. We stock thousands of stones including Montana Yogos, the finest sapphires in the world.”

“Our main business is jewelry” Sam explains,”but we do have quite a few unique gift items – art, candles, Indian artifacts, Indian Kachinas, pottery and bronzes.

“The customer is king,”Sam smiles.”We treat people like we like to be treated. We have fun with people and treat them fairly and honestly. There’re no sales gimmicks or hidden agendas. It’s all out front. We only do top quality products and they get a great deal and great service.”

“I’m a very happy guy,”he laughs.”I’m very lucky. I have a great family. I love life. I love people. I’ve made a lot of friends in the jewelry business. I’ve had people come back nine years later and say, “We had a wonderful experience in your store. We’ve never forgotten it.'”

Sam’s jewelry shopping advice: “If you don’t buy from us, we both lose money.”

Story by Patrice Manger Community Crossroads

McGough Jewelry Whitefish